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roses are dead, violets are blue
Book 21
Kate Collins

“An accident, a death, and a curse? I, Abby Knight Salvare, must find out how these three are connected . . . and the anticipation is killing me.”

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Abby Knight Salvare and her crew at Bloomers Flower Shop are hard at work preparing for the busiest day of the year. But after Abby attends a play at the town's theater, and the director, Richard Rose, is found dead, she's convinced that Rose's death is no accident and sets out to uncover the truth. Rumors of a curse surrounding the theater run rampant in Abby’s hometown of New Chapel, Indiana, but she refuses to believe a curse was the cause of Richard’s death. 

As Abby digs deeper, she unearths a tangled web of secrets and lies that threaten to close the theater forever. With the help of her husband Marco Salvare, the hunky ex-Army Ranger who owns the local bar, Abby races against time to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again. 

As the temperature drops and the threat of a major snowstorm looms, Abby and Marco must navigate their own relationship while untangling the threads of the case. Can they catch the killer and put the curse to rest? Or will the town of New Chapel be forever haunted by the ghosts of its past? Find out in "Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Blue," the latest Flower Shop Mystery from New York Times best-selling author Kate Collins. 

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