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Jillian Diary Cover 2.jpg

The Jillian Knight Osborne

Fashionista Diaries

A Flower Shop Mystery Short Story

Kate Collins

Abby Knight Salvare is the friendly local florist, the feisty amateur sleuth, and New Chapel, Indiana’s very own hometown hero.


Her cousin, Jillian Osbourne, is the complete opposite.


Beautiful, bubbly and beaming with unwarranted pride, Jillian takes you on a weeklong journey, sharing her advice on fashion, fitness, and overall health.


But remember, it’s easier to advise than be advised, and in Jillian’s case this might be true when she gets herself wrapped up in a mini mystery.


Will Abby be able to help from behind the pages of Jillian’s diary?


I guess we’ll find out…

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