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Till Death Do us pot

fall Novella

Kate Collins

Planting Seeds of Doubt


In the final novella of the Seasons series, NY Times bestselling author Kate Collins brings the beloved characters from New Chapel back to the page like never before. 


Fall has arrived in New Chapel, Indiana, and life has never been better for local florist Abby Knight Salvare and her handsome private eye husband, Marco, until a missing person’s case puts our two hometown heroes at odds, showing signs of stress in an otherwise perfect marriage. 


Town busybody Sylvie Freeman is certain that her twin brother has gone missing, although everyone in her family is convinced that Sylvie has officially gone off her rocker. She has hired Team Salvare to investigate, leading them into a mystery much bigger than either one could have imagined.


Tara Knight looks up to her crime-solving Aunt Abby – with the same red hair, short stature, and freckled cheeks – the two could be mistaken for sisters, but when a journalism assignment leads Tara into dangerous territory, her amateur sleuthing skills will be put to the ultimate test.


Follow Abby and her young niece, Tara, as they walk the fine line between truth and fiction. Keep up with Marco’s investigation as it unravels before his eyes, and watch carefully as the intrepid Team Salvare piece together a mystery that may have them understand the true meaning of the vow . . . till death do us part. 

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