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Kick the bouquet
Book 20
Kate Collins

New York Times bestselling author Kate Collins is back with a brand new full-length Flower Shop Mystery!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Abby is in a pickle. Does she go to her parents’ house for dinner or break with tradition and go to Marco’s mother’s house instead? Abby’s mom is in a tizzy and Abby is desperately seeking a solution. Not only that, but hunky hubby Marco’s landlord has given him an eviction notice. Marco is in a bind, trying to decide whether to relocate the bar or shut it down for good. But Abby and Marco have a bigger problem when Marco’s landlord, realtor Arthur McMahon, is murdered and Marco becomes a prime suspect. 


After the popular realtor is found stabbed to death in his office just after announcing plans to oust his renters, along with his decision to marry a woman his grown children detest, Abby and Marco have a host of suspects to investigate. Was it an angry renter or one of Arthur’s money-hungry children who decided to end his life? Or was it his young fiancé, the secret beneficiary of a million dollar life insurance policy? And will Abby be able to clear Marco’s name in time to save their big Thanksgiving Day celebration?

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