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I9 Sleeping With Anemone.jpg

Sleeping with anemone

book 9

Kate Collins

I, Abby Knight, hometown florist, refuse to cowed into giving up my stance against the unfair treatment of dairy animals. But why does gathering signatures for a petition suddenly make me a target for kidnapping - and murder? 


Okay, maybe Abby shouldn't choose a home and garden show sponsored by Uniworld Food as the venue for her protest against the corporation's harmful farming practices. But being forced to leave the event won't stop her campaign. Nor will a brick wrapped in burning paper being thrown through her flower shop's window. After she narrowly escapes being kidnapped not once but three times, Abby calls in the big guns - her ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco, and her entire posse of friends and family. And then the stakes are raised by murder.

Having Marco around 24-7 to protect Abby sheds new light on their relationship and gives her lots to ponder. Add to that pressure from both families for her and Marco to get hitched, and the possibility that the murder investigation may be on the wrong track, and Abby starts to think she'll soon be sleeping with anemones instead of arranging them.

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