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roses are dead, violets are blue

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Hey there, flower enthusiasts and mystery lovers! Can you feel the buzz in the air? It's Valentine's Day at Bloomers Flower Shop, and Abby Knight Salvare and her team are in full swing, prepping for the busiest day of the year.


But things take a dramatic turn when Abby finds herself smack dab in the middle of another dangerous whodunit. Picture this: a night at the local theater ends in tragedy when the director, Richard Rose, turns up dead. Now, if you think Abby's just going to sit back and let the mystery unfold without getting her hands dirty, think again!

Armed with determination and a whole lot of flower power, Abby sets out to unravel the truth. But here's the twist – the town's buzzing with rumors of a cursed theater – and Abby's not buying it. She's on a mission to dig up the dirt and prove that there's more to Richard's death than superstition alone.


And you all know Abby’s partner in crime-solving, none other than her swoon-worthy hubby, Marco Salvare. This ex-Army Ranger isn't just easy on the eyes – he's got a heart of gold and a talent for untangling mysteries. Together, they're the ultimate dynamic duo, ready to crack the case wide open.


But time's ticking, and with a major snowstorm looming on the horizon, Abby and Marco need to hustle. Can they unravel the tangled web of secrets before it's too late? Will they be able to put the cursed theater rumors to rest once and for all?


If you're craving a juicy mystery with a side of romance and humor, look no further! Dive into "Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Blue," the latest Flower Shop Mystery from New York Times best-selling author, Kate Collins. Trust me, this is one tale you won't want to miss!





Abby, Marco, and the whole town of New Chapel welcome you to this best-selling cozy mystery series.

"One of my favorite mystery series."
- Kate Carlisle, Author of the Bibliophile Mysteries
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Big Trouble in Little Greektown comp.jpg



Athena, Case, and the crew at Spencer's Garden Center are waiting for you in this brand-new cozy series. 

“Kate Collins delivers an entertaining, amusing, and deliciously suspenseful mystery.”

- Cleo Coyle, New York Times bestselling author


Flower Shop Mysteries read by Elise Arsenault, a classically trained actor, singer, and voice-over artist.

Goddess of Greene St. Mysteries read by Kim Neimi, singer, writer, actor, and talented audiobook narrator.

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Big Trouble Audiobook.jpeg

“As fresh as a daisy, with a bouquet of irresistible characters.”

- Elaine Viets, Author of the Dead-End Job Mysteries


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