Introducing a Brand New Cozy Series

Goddess of Greene St. Mysteries

Coming to booksellers everywhere February, 2020, published by Kensington Press, Goddess of Greene St. Mysteries, a new cozy series from New York Times Bestselling author of the long-running Flower Shop Mysteries, Kate Collins. 

The first book in the series, STATUE OF LIMITATIONS, introduces

    a whole host of lovable new characters, a breezy lakeside setting,                  and a mystery so puzzling it may never be solved.

     Book one also features a villainous cast of suspects, 

    a large, tightly-knit, zany Greek family, and a

romantic dynamic that promises to drive readers

mad with anticipation! 

Dive into the first few pages below and read what 

Kate Collins has said to be, "A murder mystery that

starts a chain reaction, weaving together a story

about love, family, community, and finding your

own inner Goddess."


Blog by Goddess Anon


Chaos Reigns


I’ve read your comments and I’m truly flattered. I know many of you want me to reveal my true identity, but trust me, it’s better this way. My life has been nothing but chaos lately, and I can’t give you any more details than that. But I can give you a little backstory.

First of all, I come from a big, noisy- and nosy- Greek family consisting of several annoying siblings, a meddling mother firmly committed to the idea that I should marry a nice Greek boy, a father who, although not fully Greek, has totally embraced the culture, and my grandparents Pappoús(or Pappu, as we pronounce it, and Yaya (actually it’s spelled Oiaoiá, but I’ll keep it simple.) 

Secondly, when I was young, I prayed for a handsome white knight to come along to rescue me, and guess what? Nothing. Ever. Happened. I finally figured outI’d have to do it myself. So, at the ripe old age of twenty-four,I packed a suitcase, moved to the closest big city, got a studio apartment, a low-paying job at a big company and worked my way up until I reached a level of success that made me happier than I’d ever dreamed possible.

I also met and married a very successful, non-Greek businessman, which caused all kinds of uproar back home. So along with a wedding gift, my mother gave me her prediction of my future with this man: he’ll break your heart; after your divorce you’ll never be able to support yourself in the city; then you’ll come back home where you belong.

Oh, how I prayed that she would be wrong but, once again, my prayers went unanswered, because, much to my consternation, it turned out that she was right.

Ten years later, my corporate job was eliminated and my husband divorced me, leaving me in debt up to my ears but unchaining me from a bitter marriage where I’d felt invisible and left me wary of ever getting close to a man again. So, with a young child to support, I packed up our belongings, along with my pride, and returned home into the welcoming- or should I say gloating - arms of my family.

Now my child and I not only live in the big family house, but I also work for the family business, which at least enables me to earn my own money so I can move into my own place one day. In the meantime, my child, who’d been so distraught by the divorce, does seem to be blossoming here in the midst of our eccentric but strong fam—

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