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tulips too late

Spring Novella

Kate Collins

It's springtime in New Chapel, Indiana, but as the weather heats up, so too does the drama in this thrilling new Flower Shop Mystery from New York Times Bestselling author Kate Collins.


After arriving late for a tulip delivery, Bloomers Flower Shop owner Abby Knight Salvare stumbles upon a homicide in action. When her long-time friend, Sgt. Sean Reilly, accidentally releases information to the press, he is forced to step away from the case, and even his position. Having nowhere else to turn, and armed with a list of evidence the detectives refuse to investigate, Sgt. Reilly enlists the help of Team Salvare, Abby and Marco, to solve the case and set things right. 


Abby will not only struggle with the case, but also with her own body image as she and Marco engage in a rigorous health regimen, making sure they are both in shape for a family cruise in three short weeks. Abby's emphatic cousin Jillian makes it a point to help Abby shed those extra pounds, promising no one will ever call her by her high school nickname ever again.


In order to solve the mystery, Abby and Marco must defy strict orders from a powerful old foe - a bull-headed, corrupt detective - who promises one wrong move will be their last. 


This could not only be Abby's greatest challenge, but also her greatest redemption, believing she may have been able to save someone's life had she not delivered the tulips...too late. 

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