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O15 Throw In The Trowel.jpg

throw in the trowel

book 15

Kate Collins

I'm used to buried bulbs, not buried bodies....


Flower shop owner Abby Knight has just returned from a romantic honeymoon with the man of her dreams. There's no reason for the bloom to be off the rose just because she and Marco are returning to normal life. But when Marco discovers a skeleton buried in the basement of his bar, it is a bit of a mood killer. 

When the body is identified as a carpenter who went missing back in the 1970's, Abby and Marco decide to cultivate the clues to solve the cold case. What could be more romantic? But the deeper they dig, the more desperate the murderer grows. And if Marco and Abby don't unearth the killer's identity, they may not live to see their first anniversary. 

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