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Promised To A Stranger.png

Promised to a stranger

An Avon Romance

Kate Collins


An astonishing twist of fate aboard a western-bound train enables Madeline Beecher to assume the identity of another woman - though it means marrying someone she's never met. But Maddie's on the run for her life, and wedding a stranger is a far better fate than the one pursuing her. 



Maddie never expected to meet someone like Blaine Knight. His searing gaze causes her blood to race; his strong, muscular arms makes her wonder what a night in his embrace would bring. But her "intended" is Jeremy - a kind, gentle man, and Blaine's younger brother. So if Maddie's ruse is to succeed, she dares not succumb to the yearnings of her heart - or to the passion that burns like hungry fire in Blaine's eyes - even as every fiber of her being demands that she surrender to a love that's worth any risk....

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