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S19 Yews With Caution.jpg

yews with cautioN

book 19

Kate Collins

Flower shop owner Abby Knight is out to help a friend in need but soon finds herself in the weeds....


It's April in New Chapel, and Abby and her husband, Marco, are off to buy shrubs for their new house. But the owner of the local landscaping company is nowhere to be found. Abby's best friend, Nikki, meanwhile, believes she unwittingly helped a group of her hospital coworkers conspire to kill the man. 

After the police get involved, Nikki becomes a suspect. Abby digs deeper for clues to save her friend, only to discover bushels of folks bearing deep-rooted hatred for the two-faced business owner. Marco attempts to help Abby with the case, but soon falls critically ill. Now Abby must find the real culprit on her own before everything goes to pot....

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