A Story With A Twist

In this new Flower Shop Mystery, I wanted to change things up a bit. After twenty-three stories, I thought the fans of the series would enjoy something a little different coming from the Flower Shop gang.

Don’t worry. Everything is the same as far as characters go. We have the same fun crew at Bloomers, the same craziness from Jillian and, of course, a new project from Abby’s mom. But in this book, there’s a twist. Abby’s younger niece, Tara Knight, joins the cast in a unique way, with dueling mysteries between Team Salvare, aka Abby and Marco, and Tara, a budding detective. Both Abby and Tara investigate their own mysteries, packing the story with action. Every day is filled with adventure, and you’ll be living part of the story through Tara’s eyes.

Tara Knight is very much like her Aunt Abby, so much so that I tried to explore what it would’ve been like if Abby Knight would’ve taken up the amateur detective route at such a young age. Tara is uninhibited by the dangers of the real world. She attacks the mystery with reckless abandon, and Abby gets a chance to understand how others feel when she puts herself in these dangerous situations.

All’s well that ends well is not the moral of this story. There are consequences for every action, and hopefully Tara will have learned her lesson by the story’s conclusion. But does Abby ever learn her lesson? Only time will tell.

Writing this story through a new point of view opened up different possibilities for this m

ystery. It also gave me new insights into the characters and helped create a danger scene for our amateur sleuths unlike any I’ve done before. I hope you enjoy it.

As far as my novellas go, all four seasons are represented – Missing Under the Mistletoe was the first, followed by the spring novella Tulips Too Late, the summer novella A Frond In Need, and now the fall novella Till Death Do Us Pot.

And coming up this December 2nd is the second book in The Goddess of Greene Street Mysteries, A BIG FAT GREEK MURDER. Yay! I’m very fond of Athena and Case, so I hope the new book gets great exposure and excellent reviews. Meanwhile, book three of the mystery series is finished and awaiting a publishing date.

Until then, I will be working with my old friends from Bloomers Flower Shop. I love these characters and the story of Abby and Marco has only just begun. The only hard part is coming up with all those clever flower pun titles!

So, if you have any title ideas that combine murder with anything floral, please send them my way! I love to see all the clever and witty ideas that my friends and fans come up with.

Happy reading!


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