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K11 Night Of The Living Dandelion.jpg

Night of the living dandelion

book 11

Kate Collins

When a stranger comes into my flower shop and orders bloodwort, Dracula orchid, devil's tongue, and strangle weed, I can't help but wonder....


After spraining an ankle, flower shop owner Abby Knight is forced to get around on crutches. But what will she do for emotional support now that her fiancé, Marco, is being called back to active duty? Before Marco leaves, he's determined to clear the name of his old army buddy Vlad Serban - who everyone thinks is a vampire...and responsible for the death of local nursing director Lori Willis. 

Lori's body was found drained of blood. And Vlad is from Romania, has prominent canines, likes bizarre plants, and dresses in black. Abby herself has doubts when the evidence against Vlad piles up. But, as the women of New Chapel either swoon over Vlad or picket to throw him out of town, and Abby's cousin Jillian becomes convinced Vlad has turned her into a creature of the night, Abby realizes she's got to trust Marco's judgement about his friend. Soon, the stakes becomes literally life or death as Marco and Abby race to shed light on who killed Lori, before Vlad's life really starts to suck....

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