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His Forbidden Touch.png

his forbidden touch

An Avon Romance

Kate Collins


Mariah Lowe has returned to Coffee Creek, dreading the moment she'll have to face Jake Sullivan again. Once, she gave this rugged, handsome man every ounce of her love and trust - and he betrayed her in the worst way imaginable. But she's wiser now and her small town desperately needs her medical skills, so Mariah's determined to ignore the unwanted spark that flares to life every time she sees the dark-haired, powerful mine owner.



Jake knows there's more between them than Mariah's willing to admit. But he's protected her from the full truth of the past for so long, how can he ever regain the love and passion they once shared? His powerful sense of responsibility forbids Jake from telling the truth, but when danger threatens the woman he loves, all else is stripped away - and Mariah's healing heart shows them the way.

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