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H8 Evil In Carnations.jpg

evil in carnations

book 8

Kate Collins

What do you down your best friend and roommate can't relate to your relationship bliss? I tried to help her get back her mojo...but I didn't know her first date would turn out to have cold feet - literally. 


Determined to help her roommate, Nikki, out of her singles slump, Abby Knight encourages her to give speed dating a try. Of course, Nikki wants the guy at the very bottom of Abby's list, Jonas Treat - aka Treat the Cheat - and figures one date with him can't hurt. Her lack of good judgement catches up with her when Jonas is found dead - and evidence points to Nikki as his killer. 

To clear Nikki's name, Abby enlists the help of her hunky ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco. But just when Nikki's situation looks dire and Abby needs Marco most, his rambunctious extended family descends, turning Abby's hectic life into a disaster zone. Abby's patience is seriously wilting, but with a killer on the loose, she can't throw in the trowel. She's determined to dig herself out of this mess - before someone buries her instead.

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