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J10 Dirty Rotten Tendrils.jpg

dirty rotten tendrils

book 10

Kate Collins

I, Abby Knight, hometown florist, do solemnly swear that my friend Dave would not hurt a fly - let alone a fellow lawyer.


Spring is blooming in New Chapel, Indiana, but Abby's beloved small town has become a media circus. Singer Cody Verse has returned home after winning on America's Next Hit Single with his song "Code Blue." He has brought high-powered lawyer Ken "the Lip" Lipinksi with him to fend off a lawsuit from his former songwriting partner.

Then the Lip is in need of a code blue himself when he's found dead from a suspicious overdose. Abby finds it hard to swallow that the opposing counsel - and her old boss - Dave Hammond could be the killer. Now Abby and her hot boyfriend, Marco, must prune the list of suspects for the murder of a man who had more enemies than his client has fans....

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