The Cozy Chicks Cookbook


Welcome to the Cozy Chicks kitchen! Pull up a stool and let us pour you a cup of coffee. We’ll have a chat as a pot of tomato basil soup bubbles on the stove. While the soup is simmering, feel free to sit back, relax, and listen to the sizzle of lemon chicken cutlets crisping to a golden brown in the frying pan. By the time we catch up on work and family and start discussing the last book we’ve read, the buttery, cinnamon scents of the apple ginger pie baking in the oven will curl around our shoulders like a warm shawl and coax a sigh of contentment from our lips. 

29 Five Star Reviews on Amazon! 


Only $2.99

“ I have already tried several of the recipes, and they have all been delicious! ”

  Dawn - 5 reviewers made a similar statement


“ This would be great for a mystery book club - members could read and cook their way through the authors and their books. ”

   Beverly L. Archer - 7 reviewers made a similar statement


“ I am a loyal fan of these authors and know I'll soon be a fan of their collected recipes."

   Ande - ^ reviewers made a similar statement



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