Marco Talks!

August 1, 2017


A Note from Kate Collins:


Dear Readers, I asked Marco to write a blog for you, but he declined, claiming he was a man of action, not words. (I think Abby Knight would agree.)  But I did get him to sit down for an interview. Here is your peek into the mind of a hunky PI.

Kate: I don’t mean to embarrass  you, Marco, but you do realize that you are the object of many women’s fantasies, don’t you?


Marco: (With a shrug) Comes with the territory, I suppose.


Kate: Being that you turn women’s heads wherever you go, what attracted you to Abby?


Marco: You say that like there’s something wrong with her.


Kate:  Let’s be frank. Abby’s a short, hot-tempered, stubborn, struggling florist with red hair, green eyes, and freckles, nearly the opposite of your dark Italian good looks.


Marco: Is that how you see Abby?


Kate: That’s how I see her, yes.


Marco: Get those eyes checked, Kate. I see a beautiful woman inside and out, someone who has a great passion for life . . . a hunger for justice . . . a yearning for adventure. She’s exactly the kind of woman I need. I guess that’s why something clicked between us the first time we met. I feel totally at ease around Abby. I never need to pretend to be someone I’m not. She accepts me with all my flaws and I do the same with her.


Kate: Seriously, Marco, what flaws do you have?


Marco: I don’t always -- okay, rarely -- express my emotions. Abby’s always on me for that because she needs to hear how I’m feeling about things. It’s a girl thing. (Glancing around) Are we done?


Kate: A few more questions. In NIGHTSHADE ON ELM STREET, you’re asked to clear the name of the man who jilted Abby at the altar after he’s accused of murder. Considering how deeply he hurt Abby, wasn’t that tough for you to do?


Marco: Not for me. It’s a paying job, and we need the money. Besides, the guy was clearly innocent. Abby’s the one who had a problem with it. She’s been holding onto a whole lot of pain. Letting go of the past is hard after you’ve been hurt that much, but it’s necessary to move forward. Tough lesson to learn.


Kate: Did Abby manage to do that?


Marco: She did, but it’s how she came to terms with her past that will stun your readers. I mean stun them. It’s a situation Abby’s never found herself in before, and hopefully never will again. I’m talking danger now.


Kate: I understand Jillian has a few surprises up her sleeve in NIGHTSHADE.


Marco. (Shaking his head) Jillian. What can I say? But Abby has always protected her younger cousin, so I guess it’s no surprise she’s still doing it. (Standing) I’ve got to go. Abby is waiting. We’re heading out to interview a suspect at the animal shelter about a murder that happened there the other day.


Kate: So this is a new case you’re working on? Can you tell us anything about it?


Marco: I never discuss a case with outsiders.


Kate: Well, then. But what if readers have questions for you?


Marco: Send them my way.


Kate: Thanks, Marco.


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