Historical Romance Novels

Phase Two


"I’ve always loved the movie GONE WITH THE WIND: the carriages, the voluminous skirts, the dashing tail coats, the bonnets and hats, the lace handkerchiefs and fans, the flirtations! So while I was writing short stories for children, I was reading every historical romance I could beg, borrow or buy. And all the while I kept thinking: I could do this!

I was wrong. Filling 400 pages is a lot different than writing a story of 1000 words. But serendipity stepped in yet again when I read that the Romance Writers of America would be holding their annual conference in Chicago. Really? There were other women who had romantic characters talking in their heads? Those three days of immersion in the craft of writing romance changed my life yet again. By the time I attended my third conference, I had a contract with Berkley. All told, I published seven historical romantic suspenses, living out yet another dream."


His Forbidden Touch


An Unexpected Reunion: Mariah Lowe has returned to Coffee Creek, dreading the moment she'll have to face Jake Sullivan again. Once, she gave this rugged, handsome man every ounce of her love and trust - and he betrayed her in the worst way imaginable. But she's wiser now and her small town desperately needs her medical skills, so Mariah is determined to ignore the unwanted spark that flares to life every time she sees the dark-haired, powerful mine owner.An Unexpected Love: Jake knows there's more between them than Mariah is willing to admit. But he's protected her from the full truth of the past for so long, how can he ever regain the love and passion they once shared? His powerful sense of responsibility forbids Jake from telling the truth, but when danger threatens the woman he loves, all else is stripped away - and Mariah's healing heart shows them the way.



Courting Claire


Lovely Claire Cavanaugh returned home to find her family home and fortune lost--but her innocent heart leaped for joy when handsome Tyler McCane came to the rescue. Devastatingly masculine, he seemed a knight in shining armor as he helped her out of hot water, and healed her broken heart. But when Tyler finally made her a proposal, he wasn't suggesting a lifetime of married bliss--no, Claire was horrified to find he was discussing business! Tyler wanted Claire's land badly, and he planned to own it no matter who got hurt. But her spirited beauty and faith in him unexpectedly touches his heart--and soon this life-long scoundrel finds himself changing his wicked ways. Could it be possible that this small-town girl had stolen his wayward heart?


Promised To A Stranger


A Stolen Life.... An astonishing twist of fate aboard a western-bound train enables Madeline Beecher to assume the identity of another woman--though it means marrying someone she's never met. But Maddie's on the run for her life, and wedding a stranger is a far better fate than the one pursuing her. A Secret Love.... Maddie never expected to meet someone like Blaine Knight. His searing gaze causes her blood to race; his strong, muscular arms make her wonder what a night in his embrace would bring. But her "intended" is Jeremy--a kind, gentle man, and Blaine's younger brother. So if Maddie's ruse is to succeed, she dares not succumb to the yearnings of her heart--or to the passion that burns like hungry fire in Blaine's eyes--even as every fiber of her being demands that she surrender to a love that's worth any risk....


Beloved Protector


Determined to help a friend in need, pretty Eliza Lowe groans at the thought of having to be escorted by a stodgy Pinkerton detective-- then she meets Case Brogan. Broad-shouldered and lean-hipped, he is the most gorgeous man Eliza has ever met! Suddenly, sharing a wagon with him feels like a real adventure -- especially when she sees the desire in his eyes! But this journey is turning into a nightmare for Case. He was hired to protect Eliza, but all he wants to do is make love to her! This wildly exciting young miss needs to learn that men can't be trusted -- and especially not the one sleeping beside her beneath the moonlit night. Even a small taste of passion could be dangerous for them both. Does Case dare risk his mission and his honor for the sake of his heart?



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