Children's Stories

In The Beginning

After I left teaching to raise my family, I found myself looking around for a way to scratch my creative itch. I learned how to crochet and made enough afghans to outfit a nursery daycare center. I read books on rug hooking and covered my walls in tapestries of my own design – bad. I discovered macramé and made everyone I knew plant hangers – even the people who didn’t own plants. I took tole painting lessons and covered all sorts of wooden surfaces with quaint images of big-eyed children, stylized flowers, and big-eyed children carrying stylized flowers. Then serendipity stepped in when I spotted an ad for a correspondence course on writing stories for children. I signed up and my life changed forever. Finally I had an outlet for all those stories that my imagination kept churning out. And not only did I sell my first story, as the course had promised, but seventeen more after that. My name was in print, a dream come true. I was an author!

Jason Jervis: At Your Service
Jason opens a pet-sitting service as a way to earn spending money over the summer, and he's determined to prove to big brother Greg that he's not a failure! With a "Think positive!" motto and the help of best buddy Tom, Jason takes on some very strange clients and meets up with disaster along the way. Will he succeed in business AND in proving himself to Greg?


Janey Webster, E.B.

Experienced Babysitter


As an experienced babysitter, Janey Webster can handle just about any situation, or so she claims. In this collection of sixteen humorous stories, Janey has to prove she’s up to any challenge, including sitting for a boy known as Timmy the Terrible, a family of five, a crabby Grandma, and a cub scout troop. At the end, test your own skills by taking Janey’s Babysitter’s Test!





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